Fuck The Digital, London

19 October 2019 – 26 October 2019

Free Entry, Low Studios, 1 Chingford Road, London

Full Text for ‘Fuck the Digital’ exhibition

Fuck the Digital

An intimate exhibition exploring the physicality, loneliness and politics of the sexual body in the digital age 

A host of international contemporary artists and film makers explores what happens to the sexual body in digital networks. Where do our desires go when we feed them into screens, and how do digital cultures and aesthetics shape and change our sexual desires? The exhibition considers the horror of the technologized sexual body, but also shows how digital technologies provide new ways of bridging the distance between people.
In showcasing the work of porn stars and sex workers, this exhibition also explores the political power of the sexual body. The sexual body is at the heart of contemporary understandings of fat, transsexuality and masculinity, crucial issues which are considered in this exhibition. The physicality of the sexual body is also an essential reminder of the real, bodily work which lies behind a digital culture characterised by seemingly effortless speed and disembodiment. The need to examine how digital technologies are changing our sexualities is urgent; so is the need to uncover the political power of the sexual body to imagine new worlds.  Contributors include major queer porn creator Courtney Trouble, international porn star Stoya, fashion photographer Lisa Carletta (Vogue), Barcelona artist Rui Ferreira and UK visual artists Andie Macario, Kate Davis and Michael Lightfoot.   Highlights of the exhibition include queer porn screenings, webcams, interactive photography and subversive digital reconceptualisations of the nude.