New Writing Up at Peepshow Media magazine!

I’m publishing a weekly news round up of stories from around the sex industry over at Peepshow Media called ICYMIXXX . I hope people get some use of it, as I find it really useful to write out what’s happening and document it for historical meaning, especially when we’re experiencing a global pandemic and governmental chaos. I am mostly interested in covering facts and trying to be as unbiased as possible, but I know that my time spent in the adult industry means occassionally I’ll be able to cite myself as a source and make some sense of what happened.

For my first column, I wrote about GodsGirls shutting down. I tried to keep my feelings out of it (which are, more banal that I thought, considering I was never so deeply involved in the “culty” part of GG that gave me access to the racist, sexist, and exploitative practices protected there, maybe because I participate niether in Facebook or LA clout clubs?)

Anyways, here’s the article. Follow Peepshow to read more every week!