Artist Biography

Courtney Trouble, MFA – they/them started a queer porn revolution with in 2002 and have been behind-of and in-front-of the pornographic camera ever since. They have previously worked for On Our BacksGirlfriends, and Bitch Magazine. They have many published in AutostraddleVICE, and academic journals on visual culture. They were formerly a digital resident at SF MoMA’s Open Spaces and their photo work has been published in Trans Bodies Trans Selves and is on permanent loan at the Berlin Gay Museum.

Courtney started NoFauxxx.Com as a 19-year-old model, porn performer, photographer and web designer with the purpose of creating an indie porn site that was authentic, empowering, and all-inclusive. She wanted the project to address some stereotypes in the adult industry and act as a tool for ladies, queers, and artists, to explore the erotic and sexual side of creativity. She soon found herself as one of the founders of the queer porn movement, setting the stage for all that was to come. TROUBLEfilms was officially established in 2011 after ten years of foundational sex work and training and exploration in film and fine art.

“Courtney invokes that ’70s spirit of rebellious adult moviemaking while also being ahead of the trends when it comes to sexuality in art.”

– AVN Magazine

“Being on both ends of the camera is important to me. It teaches me how to properly show respect to performers, as well as the basics of having performative sex on camera, which come in handy as a porn director.”


Written By others.

“She’s the final word when it comes to smut with attitude, character, and soul. Not only is No Fauxxx the oldest running queer porn site on the Internet, it’s also the only spot that mixes alt, gay, lesbian, straight, trans, kink, and BBW content. It’s sexy, artsy, entertaining, all-inclusive, and totally DIY.”

SF Bay Guardian, 2009

“Courtney Trouble has introduced and highlighted a unique and popular genre with one of the best and brightest indie studios dedicated to showcasing LGBT love and lust.”

– Pure Play Media

“I’m as bewitched by her sorta rockabilly look, curvy body, and gorgeous eyes as I am by her towering reputation as a creator of filthy indie pr0n.”

Thomas Roche, AltPorn.Net

“fabulously fierce femme queer pornographer”

J.D. Bauchery, Hot Movies For Her

“If the future is like this, the future can’t come soon enough.”

-Lux Alptraum, Fleshbot