Notes on Leaving: Photo Memoir and My New SF MoMA Open Space Column

I have published four pieces on Open Space, an interdisciplinary publishing platform by San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art as part of a residency, and have now become a permanent artist columnist for the project, joining a family that includes a few of my mentors and idols like Dodie Bellamy, Bean Gilsdorf, Dynasty Handbag, Xandra Ibarra, Kevin Killian, Tirza True Latimer, and Michelle Tea.

My SF MoMA Open Space residency took place over the summer of 2019. You can read all of my posts here.

My theme for my Open Space posts is personal prose and photo memoir around the precarity of living in the bay area as an artist and working class sex worker.

Notes on Leaving: Lost Perverts and a Surplus of Leftover Las Vegas Carpeting 

Peep Show dancing is slow. On an empty night we were sloths gazing at each other nonchalantly. In private pleasures, we sniff bumps behind curtains and flip through our iPod shuffles looking for the perfect attractors. But the customers never know your songs. They Are Kind, so much more so than you would think when you are looking in their eyes afterwards. And I always wonder now that everything is gone, where? Where have all the perverts gone?

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