Originally printed in the debut issue of the academic journal Porn Studies, reprinted on Huffington Post. 


Queer porn means different things to different people – but to me, it means porn that is out of the box, out of the closet, and shamelessly sex-positive.Read the rest


femmeifesto 1My closing keynote for the Feminist Porn Conference has been up on Youtube for almost a week and has gotten shared all over social media.

I’m relieved and grateful that it’s resonating with the feminist porn community, as well as the queer community.♥ Read the rest

much happier days, my adulthood.

I found riot grrrl the summer after a shitty freshman year at high school. I was really smart but none of my teachers took me seriously. All my friends were stoner dropouts on the corner and because they were my friends, and i was out as bisexual, and looked like a punk, i was treated like a waste of desk space in every class except drama, which was taught by a feminist hippie with purple hair.♥ Read the rest

This post is an uncensored explanation. I will show you some photos. I will lay it out for you in a way that will hopefully fit within whatever your own gender and sexual situations may be.

nina hartley fisting jiz lee in Live Sex Show


People of all genders and sexual orientations can participate in fisting and enjoy fisting.♥ Read the rest

In the mid to late-1980’s, gay porn studios adopted mandatory condom rules. In a time when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was destroying the gay male community as a whole, these regulations were self-imposed to help keep the performers from contracting the disease at work.♥ Read the rest