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Tucked behind the Queen of the Desert (aka Vagina Rock), in a sexy garage/recording studio situation, I stood next to my friends April Flores and Cinnamon Maxxine covered in home-made lube, red latex, and lime netting, a little bit stoned and more than a little confounded that I had somehow found myself on the set of a Peaches music video.♥ Read the rest

Quinn Cassidy as Michelle

The story of Michelle Tea’s entrance into San Francisco dyke royalty has become a story about each and every one of us in the highly, highly anticipated new film coming out THIS WEEK based on the memoir Valencia.♥ Read the rest

Featured photos reminiscent of Madonna’s epic nude hitchhiking photo taken with Dylan Ryan and trans performer Billy Castro; cover story written by Caitlin Donohue retells a queer adventure in Vegas for AEE and explores the difference between “lesbian” and “queer” pornography!

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