Explicit Portraits (Adults Viewers Only)

my collection of explicit portraits of queer and trans individuals comes from over 15 years of sharing private and semi-public spaces with amazing people. because money, careers, and intentions were on hand i would hate to call this an “accurate representation of the queer community” but perhaps it offers up something a little more exciting. … Read moreExplicit Portraits (Adults Viewers Only)

Notes on Leaving: Photo Memoir and My New SF MoMA Open Space Column

I have published four pieces on Open Space, an interdisciplinary publishing platform by San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art as part of a residency, and have now become a permanent artist columnist for the project, joining a family that includes a few of my mentors and idols like Dodie Bellamy, Bean Gilsdorf, Dynasty Handbag, Xandra … Read moreNotes on Leaving: Photo Memoir and My New SF MoMA Open Space Column

Pop Pornography: A Party with Cardi

The set began with the recorded intro from “Get Up 10” coming through the sound system while Cardi B’s dancers took formation on the dark stage at the Hard Rock Hotel’s smallest venue, Vinyl. The song is one of the notoriously omnisexual musical artist Cardi B’s sex worker manifestos; describing how stripping saved her from … Read morePop Pornography: A Party with Cardi

RUB Music Video Performance

Tucked behind the Queen of the Desert (aka Vagina Rock), in a sexy garage/recording studio situation, I stood next to my friends April Flores and Cinnamon Maxxine covered in homemade lube, red latex, and lime netting, a little bit stoned and more than a little confounded that I had somehow found myself on the set … Read moreRUB Music Video Performance

Alumni Show Announcement! Alma Mater: Methods

CCA Alumni Exhibition June 15 – July 26 2019 My piece for this show is three photographs of the “porn floor,” a collage of my favorite of my own smutty photographs glued to the cement floor of my academic art studio during the 2015-2016 MFA years. It began as an exercise for a book idea, … Read moreAlumni Show Announcement! Alma Mater: Methods