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Larry Sultan’s Editorial Works at Casemore Kirkby
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Porn Studies Volume 1, Issue 1 
Finding Gender Through Porn Performance

Porn Studies Volume 3, Issue 2: Porn Labor, Stigma and the shaping of the porn industry

Chelsea Poe’s “Inauthentic Masterpiece” and Earnest Integrity

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Pornographer

Huffington Post
Finding Gender Through Porn Performance

Subversive Smut Made By Ladies, Artists, And Queers: The Anatomy Of Queer Porn

A protest sign made by the SWSU Sex Worker Student Union for a recent sex worker rights demonstration. Photo courtesy Courtney Trouble

Largest Sex Worker Conference in the US Is Canceled Amid FOSTA Fears
VICE Motherboard

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  • instagram really does hate me.
    i’m on the verge of having my instagram account deleted, at least so they say.  their machine now detects words like onlyfans or porn,  and gives you not a warning, but an immediate strike against your account. this has now happened to me three different times in … Read more
  • my gender
    These are the trappings of an agendered, nonbinary, queer fat femme who works in the sex industry.
  • Illustrations for Peepshow Media
    It started in mid-2020, when I began working with Peepshow on website work. They needed featured images for what they were posting, so I started putting together collages. What I end up with is a body of work that symbolically talks about sex work through collage imagery. … Read more
  • New Writing Up at Peepshow Media magazine!
    I’m publishing a weekly news round up of stories from around the sex industry over at Peepshow Media called ICYMIXXX . I hope people get some use of it, as I find it really useful to write out what’s happening and document it for historical meaning, especially … Read more
  • LAMBDA Litfest reading by the contributors of “Hustling Verse”
    September 25 @ 7:30 pm Skylight Books 1818 N Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027  Phone:+13236601175 Website:http://www.skylightbooks.com/ Skylight Books presents LAMBDA Litfest reading by the contributors of “Hustling Verse: An Anthology of Sex Workers Poetry.” This book is a fiercely groundbreaking exploration of intimacy, transactional sex, identity, healing, and resilience. … Read more
  • Notes on Leaving: Photo Memoir and My New SF MoMA Open Space Column
    I have published four pieces on Open Space, an interdisciplinary publishing platform by San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art as part of a residency, and have now become a permanent artist columnist for the project, joining a family that includes a few of my mentors and idols … Read more
  • Largest Sex Worker Conference in the US Is Canceled Amid FOSTA Fears
    Please visit VICE Motherboard to read the feature interview with Cris Sardina of the Desiree Alliance