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Larry Sultan’s Editorial Works at Casemore Kirkby
Daily Serving

Porn Studies Volume 1, Issue 1 
Finding Gender Through Porn Performance

Porn Studies Volume 3, Issue 2: Porn Labor, Stigma and the shaping of the porn industry

Chelsea Poe’s “Inauthentic Masterpiece” and Earnest Integrity

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Pornographer

Huffington Post
Finding Gender Through Porn Performance

Subversive Smut Made By Ladies, Artists, And Queers: The Anatomy Of Queer Porn

A protest sign made by the SWSU Sex Worker Student Union for a recent sex worker rights demonstration. Photo courtesy Courtney Trouble

Largest Sex Worker Conference in the US Is Canceled Amid FOSTA Fears
VICE Motherboard

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