2017 MFA in Studio Practice and Fine Art Photography
California College of the Arts

Thesis Queer Chaos shelved at the CCA library
Thesis Exhibition held at Fused Space
Advisors: Frances Richard, Tammy Rae Carland, Chris Johnson

2004 BA in Liberal Arts, Evergreen State College

Student Oriented Studies in large format digital printing, photography, critique, and color darkroom techniques. Studied art abroad in Iceland for Junior project Senior Exhibition at Evergreen State College.

1998-2000 AA in Arts & Sciences, Tacoma Community College

Washington State Running Start Program honoree
Arts & Entertainment Editor, write and photographer for TCC Challenger biweekly school newspaper


Curatorial Experience, Fine Art
2016 Curator, Queerly Beloved Art Show, El Rio
2008 Off-Site Gallery Curator, Femina Potens Gallery – San Francisco, CA

Museum Aquisitions
Berlin Gay Museum, “Porn This Way” inaugural collection exhibition

Fine Art Exhibitions, Solo, and Two Person Shows
2017     PlaySpace Gallery, SF. “Two Artists in the Room: Courtney Trouble and Karina Anjélica Rubio”
2009    Seventh Heart Gallery, San Francisco. Queers With Their Clothes On: Photography by Courtney Trouble
2008    Black and Blue Tattoo, courtney trouble
2007    Rubber Rose Gallery, San Diego. No Fauxxx: High Drama, High Glamour, Photography by Courtney Trouble
2007   Nofauxxx Photography Exhibit, Berlin Queer Festival

Fine Art Exhibitions, Group Shows
2017 California College of the Arts,  Commencement Show Official Selection
2017 Borderline Gallery, SF. “AfterParty”
2017 Fused Gallery, SF. California College of the Arts MFA Exhibition, Part 1
2017 SOMArts, SF. “Touch On”
2017 Impact Gallery, SF. “Get Lost”
2016 California College of the Arts, SF. “13 x 13 x 13” group show.
2015 California College of the Arts, SF. Gender In Translation
2014 Berlin Gay Museum, Porn This Way

My Published Photographs
2017  Feros’ Magazine, Self Portrait at Joshua Tree photograph
2017  CONTROL Magazine, Papi & Courtney photograph
2015  Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, by Laura Erickson-Schroth, p. 361. Image captioned “Vancouver”
2009 Cutter Zine Issue 2 with Amos Mac and Heather Renee-Russ

Performance Art
2017 The Hall of Mirrors, CCA Opera House
2016 Look At Your Game Girl, CCA Opera House
2016 Cinderella’s Slippers, CCA Opera House
2015 Exit Piece, CCA Opera House
2015 Video Performance: Smash With Bats, De Young
2015 Music Video High Priestess, “Rub,” Peaches
2013 Ice Girl, El Rio Queerly Beloved Pride Party
2008 The Burn Out, Sex Workers Art Show, San Francisco


Staff Writing Positions
2005 Writer, Girlfriends Magazine
1998 Arts & Entertainment Editor, The Challenge – Tacoma, WA

Publication Experience
2005 Ad Manager, On Our Backs Magazine

My Published Writing in Anthologies
“Daddy Issues,”  How to Come Out Like a Porn Star edited by Jiz Lee, 2015
“your ghost,” Fist of the Spider Woman: Tales of Fear & Queer Desire edited by Amber Dawn, 2009. Lambda Literary Award Finalist

My Published Writing, Online
2016 Porn Studies Volume 3, Issue 2: Porn Labor, Stigma and the shaping of the porn industry
2015 Cosmopolitan, 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Pornographer
2014 Huffington Post, Finding Gender Through Porn Performance
2014 Porn Studies Volume 1, Issue 1 Finding Gender Through Porn Performance
2012 Fleshbot, Subversive Smut Made By Ladies, Artists, And Queers: The Anatomy Of Queer Porn
2012 Fleshbot, Courtney Trouble’s Guide To Trans Porn


Speaking Engagements
2017 PlaySpace Gallery, SF, “Stories behind the Photos”
2017 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Plus Size Porn Performers Panel
2016 California College of the Arts, Sex/Information Panel with Carol Queen & Chelsea Poe (moderator)
2015 LA, X Biz 360 Conference, “Women in Porn” with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, Kelly Holland, and Karen Tynan
2015 Stanford University, “Intro to the Queer Porn Movement and its Politics // The New Uses of the Erotic”
2014 University of Toronto, Closing Keynote Speaker, Feminist Porn Conference
2014 University of Calgary, “Finding Gender Through Porn Performance,”
2014 University of Arizona, “Feminist Porn as a Tool of Political Activism Against Oppression”
2014 Las Vegas, Adult Entertainment Expo, “Porn Goes to College” with jessica drake and Constance Penley
2013 Featured Film-Maker, PERV Film Festival, Sydney Austrailia
2013 NYC, CineKink Feminist Porn Panel with Candida Royalle
2012 UC Berkeley “FemSex Panel,” multiple appearances
2011 Toronto, Feminist Porn Awards Guest Filmmaker Panel
2010 Oakland, FemmeCon, Queer Femme Porn Panel with Dylan Ryan, Judy Minx


Published Writing About Me
2015 Bedford and Bowery, “Queer Porn Film Festival Brings Porn, Pancakes, and ‘Meaning Beyond Getting Off’,” Maggie Craig
2015 AVN Magazine, “Will Porn Fans Send This Woman to Grad School?”
2014 Ms Magazine, “The New (Feminist) Pornographers,” Whiskey Blue
2013 Curve Magazine, “Courtney Trouble Is Making Trouble: The queer icon serves up genderqueer, fat-positive, feminist porn
2013 Bend Over Magazine Issue 5, “interview with courtney trouble”
2012 CSPH, “Hump Day Hero: Courtney Trouble,” The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
2010 Ex Berliner, “PornFilmFestival Berlin: An interview with Courtney Trouble,” Walter Crasshole
2010 Autostraddle, Courtney Trouble Wants to Turn You On, Gaby Rivera
2005 Curve Magazine, print. Ten Dyke Activists to Watch

Select Awards/Nominations
2014 Best Local Pornographer, East Bay Express
2014 Best Trans Film, Trans Grrrls,” Feminist Porn Awards 
2013 Best Experimental Feature, “Valencia: The Movie/s,” Polari Film Festival
2013 Best Nightlife Photographer nominee, SF Nightlife Awards
2012 Best Documentary: “What Makes Us Queer,” CineKink
2009 Best Adult Studio, SF Bay Guardian


Film Awards, Non-Adult
2013 Polari Film Festival, Austin Texas. Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature, Valencia: The Movie/s
2012 CineKink. Best Documentary, What Makes Us Queer

Adult Entertainment Awards Received 
2015  X Biz Awards, Best Feminist Porn Release, San Francisco Lesbians Scissr Sex App
2015  Feminist Porn Awards, Hottest Dyke Film: Soft Girls & Strap Ons
2015  Feminist Porn Awards, Best Trans Film:Trans Lesbians
2015  Feminist Porn Awards, Best Web Site: QueerPorn.TV
2014  Feminist Porn Awards, Hottest Dyke Film: Hard Femme
2014  Feminist Porn Awards, Best Trans Film: Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now!
2013  BBW Fan Fest Awards, Best Director
2013  Feminist Porn Awards, Hottest Dyke Film: Lesbian Curves
2012  Feminist Porn Awards, Most Diverse Cast: Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous
2011  Feminist Porn Awards, Best Porn Site: QueerPorn.TV
2011  Feminist Porn Awards, Best Trans Film: Billy Castro Does the Mission
2010 Feminist Porn Awards, Best Trans Film: Speakeasy
2009 Feminist Porn Awards, Most Diverse Cast: No Fauxxx Roulette
2009 SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay, Best Porn Studio

Film Screenings, Feature Program

2016 Fucking Mystic, University of Chicago at Art, Porn, and Art Porn: Andy Warhol and Chelsea Poe Double Screening
2015 Fucking Mystic Latin American premiere, Muestra Marrana Festival, Mexico City
2014 Vienna International Human Rights Film Festival, Every Time We Fuck, We Win:  ‘this human world’  presents an evening of Courtney Trouble
2013 LA, Outfest Valencia: The Movie (Premiere)
2013 Gender Reel Film Festival simulcasts the debut of Trans Grrrls in 4 cities
2012 What Makes us Queer, Frameline, San Francisco

Film Screenings, Group Programs
2017 2016 MFA Thesis Video ReelMinnesota Street Project, San Francisco
2015   We Cum In Peace premiere, Queer Porn Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY
2015   We Cum In Peace European premiere, La Exhibición Cultura Sexplícita, Valencia, Spain
2015  Going Here, Copenhagen MIX Film Festival, Copenhagen
2014  Going Here, MIX Experimental Film Festival,Brooklyn NY
2014  Going Here, WONDERLUST Festival of Diverse, Conscious Sex, Helsinki
2013   fuck/talk, Translations Film Festival,Seattle WA
2011   Roulette Toronto, Copenhagen MIX Film Festival
2011   What Makes Us Queer, San Francisco Frameline Film Festival
2011   What Makes Us Queer, Tel Aviv GLBT Film Festival
2011   What Makes us Queer premiere, Berlin Porn Film Festival
2010  Roulette Berlin European debut, Paris LGBT Film Festival
2009  Sex Worker Rights Music Video, Sex Worker Fest, San Francisco (a collaboration with Scarlot Harlot)
2008 Teenage Feelings, Homo A Gogo, Olympia, WA (with performance by the Gossip)

Other festivals include: Out In the Desert, Pornotopia, Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

Noted Short Films
2015  POP SHOT, 2015
2015  Apricot 4 Apricot, 2015 (in collaboration with Hankey Code: the Movie)
2015  “You Ain’t Seen Nothing,” Micahtron music video, 2015
2015  Submissive Mixtape Trailer // G.L.O.S.S. music video, 2015
2014  Going Here, 2014
2012  Fuck/Talk, 2012
2012  Valencia: Chapter One for Valencia: The Movie/s
2011 What Makes Us Queer

Music Videos
I m Shallo, DUBAIS
You Ain’t Seen Nothin, Micahtron
Won’t You, Jenna Riot

Curator, Film Programs
2017   Curator, Something Strange MFA Mini Film Fest, CCA
2015   Founder and Head Film Curator, Queer Porn Film Festival
2007  Curator, Homo A Go Go, DIY Porn Program


Teaching Experience
2016 Teacher’s Assistant in Diversity Studies, CCA for mentor Ignacio Valero
2016 Web Site Building for Artists, Junior year printmaking class for Carole Jeung
2016 Glitching Workshop for Junior painting class for Rebecca Bollinger

Event Production Experience
2016 Work Study Graduate Assistant/Event Coordinator for Access & Wellness, CCA
2010 Co-Producer, Masturbate-a-Thon, Center for Sex and Culture
2009 Founder, Queerly Beloved (still current annual pride party at El Rio)

Staff Writing Positions
2005Writer, Girlfriends Magazine1998  Arts & Entertainment Editor, The Challenge – Tacoma, WA

Film Production Experience
2016 Editor, MFA Thesis Exhibition Video Reel, CCA.
2005-current Freelance film editor of over 50 full-length adult films
2009-2011 Director, Reel Queer Productions for Good Vibrations – San Francisco, CA

Web Development Experience
2012 Founder, Queer Porn Tube
2011 Owner, TROUBLEfilms – Oakland, CA
2010 Co-Founder, QueerPorn.TV
2002 Founder, NoFauxxx Productions
2000 Founder, Fat Girl Break Down and Ashley Speaks culture blogs

Adult Entertainment Experience: 
2002-2005 Phone Sex Operator, various outlets
2007-2008 Madame and Performer, Lusty Lady
2005-2015 Freelance cam show performer, various outlets
2005-current Freelance adult film performer and erotic model

Notable Film Screenings

  • Every Time We Fuck, We Win: International Human Rights Film Festival ‘this human world’  presents an evening of Courtney Trouble film selections, December 2014 Vienna.
  • Valencia: The Movie/s premiered at Frameline to 3 sold out shows, plus Outfest 2013, 24th Hamburg Int. Queer Film Festival, 24th Annual Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Polari26, Outview Queer Film Festival in Athens Greece, the Brazilian 2013 Rio Gay Film Festival,London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (Invitation), Festival Asterisco (Buenos Aires), Leeds Queer Film Festival, Olympia Film Festival, Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival, MIX fest, Reeling: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival, image+nation, Montreal LGBT FF, Berlin Porn Festival, 38th Cleveland International Film Festival, and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival
  • “Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now!” debuted in 4 cities simultaneously in conjunction with the Gender Reel Film Festival in 2013.
  • “Valentine,” “Introducing Alaya,” and “Girl Pile” premiered at the Perv Film Festival in Sydney Australia, and screened a sold out screening in Melbourne in 2013. Courtney Trouble was in attendance for both screenings.
  • “fuck/talk” debuted at Translations Film Festival, Seattle 2013 and screened at the San Francisco Trans Film Festival and Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2013.
  • “Lesbian Curves” premiered at CineKink 2013 and has also screened at the Brussels Queer Film Festival
  • “What Makes us Queer” debuted at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2011 and has been screened at over 25 film festivals around the world, including Frameline, and most recently the Tel Aviv Queer Film Festival.
  • Roulette Toronto was a selected feature at the Copenhagen Queer Film Festival, making it the first full-length adult film ever shown at that festival.
  • Courtney Trouble’s very first film screening was of “Teenage Feelings,” the first vignette shot for No Fauxxx Roulette, at Homo A Gogo in Olympia in 2008 at 3am, before a secret concert by The Gossip.
  • We Cum In Peace premieres at Queer Porn Film Festival in Brooklyn, 2015
  • We Cum In Peace premieres in Europe at La Exhibición Cultura Sexplícita Valencia, Spain 2015
  • Fucking Mystic premieres in Latin America at Muestra Marrana, Mexico City 2015
  • Going Here screens at MIX NYC Experimantal Queer Film Festival, 2014
  • Other festivals include: Out In the Desert, Gender Reel, Pornotopia, Vancouver Queer Film Festival. (this section needs to be updated)
  • Quotes

X Biz Award Wins

  • 2015: Best Feminist Porn Release, San Francisco Lesbians Scissr Sex App

X Biz Awards Nominations:

  • 2015: Best Alternative Website: QueerPorn.TV nomination
  • 2015: Best Alternative Website: IndiePornRevolution.Com nomination
  • 2015: All-Girl Release of the Year: San Francisco Lesbians #1: SCISSR Sex App nomination
  • 2014: Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now: Nomination, Feminist Porn Release of the Year
  • 2014: TROUBLEfilms: Nomination, Transsexual Studio of the Year
  • 2014: Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now: Nomination, Transsexual Release of the Year
  • 2014: Courtney Trouble: Nomination, Transsexual Director of the Year
  • 2014: Nomination, Transsexual Site of the Year
  • 2014: QueerPorn.TV: Nomination, Specialty Site of the Year

AVN Award Nominations:

  • 2015: Kinkiest Performer: Courtney Trouble nomination
  • 2015: BBW Performer of the Year: Courtney Trouble nomination
  • 2015: Best Solo Release: Curvy Casting Couch (starring Courtney Trouble) Evil Angel nomination
  • 2015: Best Soundtrack: Fucking Mystic
  • 2015: Best All-Girl Group Scene: Courtney Trouble, Siouxsie Q, and Maxine Holloway; San Francisco Lesbians #1: SCISSR Sex App nomination
  • 2015: Best New Imprint: Pink Velvet (SMASH Pictures featuring Courtney Trouble directing) nomination
  • 2014: BBW Performer of the Year: Courtney Trouble
  • 2014: Best Web Premiere: Girl Pile
  • 2013: Best Alternative Website: IndiePornRevolution.Com
  • 2013: Best Web Premiere: Live Sex Show (TROUBLEfilms DVD)
  • 2013: Best Alternative Website: QueerPornTube.Com
  • 2012: Best Alternative Website: QueerPorn.TV
  • 2011: Best Pro-Am Release: Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out! (Good Releasing DVD)
  • 2010: Best Soundtrack: Speakeasy
  • 2012: Best Soundtrack: NoFauxxx Roulette

Feminist Porn Awards:

self portrait
  • 2015: Hottest Dyke Films: Soft Girls & Strap Ons
  • 2015: Best Trans Film: Trans Lesbians
  • 2015: Best Web Site: QueerPorn.TV
  • 2014: Hottest Dyke Film: Hard Femme
  • 2014: Best Trans Film: Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now!
  • 2013: Hottest Dyke Film: Lesbian Curves
  • 2012: Most Diverse Cast: Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous
  • 2011: Best Porn Site: QueerPorn.TV
  • 2011: Best Trans Film: Billy Castro Does the Mission
  • 2010: Best Trans Film: Speakeasy
  • 2009: Most Diverse Cast: No Fauxxx Roulette

Other Awards:

  • “Director of the Year,” BBW Fan Fest Awards 2013
  • A total of 8 2014 X Biz Awards Nominations, including Best Feminist Porn Release, Best Trans Film, and Best Specialty Site (QueerPorn.TV)
  • Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature, Polari Film Festival, Austin Texas 2013, Valencia: The Movie/s
  • Best of the Bay 2009, Best Porn Studio: NoFauxxx.Com/TROUBLEfilms (now IndiePornRevolution.Com)
  • CineKink 2012: Best Documentary: “What Makes Us Queer”
  • CineKink 2012: Bring It! Best Porn Award, Live Sex Show (TROUBLEfilms DVD)