printmeWe’re throwing a reception for the opening of Courtney Trouble’s photo exhibit at The Seventh Heart. Stop by on Saturday August 8th between 3-6pm to see her work, mingle with friends and add another piece to your wardrobe.

Also, Friday Night (August 7th)!♥ Read the rest


The problem with mainstream porn is that most of it is made in the San Fernando Valley by brainless douche bags and lazy ex-cheerleaders looking for a quick buck. But this is San Francisco. This is the art capital of the world, the home of the free thinker, the land of the awesome.♥ Read the rest

Hanging out at Good Vibes on Saturday for the Pink Pleasure Party was awesome! I signed some copies of Roulette and met some really cool folks. Also, got to watch the Dyke March! Very wonderful!  Here’s some photos from the Good Vibes Blog.♥ Read the rest


Just a cute post of me and Jiz Lee being ridiculous. Can’t help it.♥ Read the rest

Take A Chance on Me; Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part 2»

Courtney Trouble has run since 2003 making her one of the trailblazers of modern queer porn! has over 125 unique models and over 200 photosets, most of which she took.

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Your first opportunity to buy a real physical copy of my debut film Roulette will be at Good Vibrations on Valencia St. in San Francisco DURING THE DYKE MARCH on Saturday! You out-of-towners can also place an order through me by clicking here to be shipped the following Monday, or from Good Vibes as soon as they throw the link up.♥ Read the rest

In the mid to late-1980’s, gay porn studios adopted mandatory condom rules. In a time when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was destroying the gay male community as a whole, these regulations were self-imposed to help keep the performers from contracting the disease at work.♥ Read the rest

Lorelie Lee!
Lorelie Lee!

One of my favorite models and someone I’m looking forward to working with heavily in July for my next film has an amazing article up over at The Rumpus that features one of my photographs. Here’s an excerpt and a link.♥ Read the rest

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Just a fun little poster to get you excited about Nostalgia.♥ Read the rest