Courtney Trouble is an artist, an academic, a writer, event coordinator, performance artist, model, photographer, sex worker, activist, and a co-founder of the queer porn movement.  They coined the term “queer porn” in 2003 to describe the unique work they were making outside the influence of the adult industry.  This website is (mostly) safe for work, but the Selected Photography tab may feature some occasional nudity.*

They currently run the annual El Rio Pride party in San Fransisco, Queerly Beloved as well as the pop-up dance party Pop Tarts. They also co-founded the first Sex Worker Student Union in late 2017. Trouble tours with their films a few weeks of the year and occasionally presents papers or does artists talks. Even more occasionally they will get up and DJ or do a live performance – mostly in the summer when things get a little hotter!

Their written work has been published in places as different as Cosmopolitan, Autostraddle, Art Practical, Bitch, $PREAD, the book Coming Out Like A Porn Star, and the Porn Studies academic journal. They have also been the focal point of many research projects as the stories of queer porn and Courtney’s work become historically important, some interviews of note can be found on the Rumpus, the BBC, and in the Feminist Porn Book.

Their photographs were recently published in a 39 issue one-of-a-kind magazine series that works as an experimental DIY retrospective, which exhibited at Fused Space in San Francisco. Courtney’s art work has been exhibited at SOMArts and the Berlin Gay Museum.

*If you are looking for said porn, please visit TROUBLEfilms.Com where you can shop for films and shorts or get a monthly membership.

Courtney Trouble is currently studying in grad school, please consider sending some donations!



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