Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians! Ban This Sick Filth! San Francisco Lesbians Wins at X Biz!

Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians!

Trans Lesbians is a beautifully shot, chemistry-driven hard core feature that follows Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe, and Drew Deveaux through a lusty web of lesbian sex.

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Ban This Sick Filth!

A compilation of films and interviews on porn censorship and its impact in the UK and USA, “Ban This Sick Filth!” is a political and sexual revolution.

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San Francisco Lesbians Wins at X Biz!

TROUBLEfilms was delighted to take the Feminist Porn Release of the Year XBiz Award for their collaboration with Smash Pictures imprint Pink Velvet, “San Francisco Lesbians: SCISSR Sex App“.

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This Mindbrowse. com “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths” (WIP) debate was broadcast at XBIZ 360 at The Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths” is an interactive panel discussion that brings prominent individuals working in the adult entertainment industry together to debate the nature of women’s’ changing roles and issues that currently confront the industry.

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FROM THE FILM: BAN THIS SICK FILTH A playful scene with a serious message: the censorship of female pleasure in porn is totally NOT HOT! But Kitty Stryker role playing a British fangirl (complete with Dr Who accessories) who learns about the UK porn ban “the hard way?” Yeah, that’s smoking hot!  Kitty gets schooled […]

VIP LOUNGE MEMBERS: WATCH NOW! OR BUY THIS CLIP FROM OUR SHOP AND KEEP FOREVER Roomies Hayley Fingersmith and Chelsea Poe have some scheduling issues to figure out. You see, every time Hayley wants to get some house head, Chelsea’s busy with her damn video games. Well, I think this house meeting went pretty well. […]


VIP LOUNGE: WATCH NOW!  //  Buy this clip in our store! Damn, this slumber party got interesting fast! After running out of gossip mags, these femme fistettes start talking about lesbian sex and scissoring – does it work? Let’s find out! this snuggie slumber party is a fucking squirtfest of epic proportions. Why can’t Saturday […]


Chelsea Poe‘s sexual magic has come to a climax, and a hedonistic one at that! As she enters the room, a swarm of gorgeous queers devour her, over come her, and come over her over and over again. With a cast of 17 incredible queer porn performers (listed blow), this orgy is the culmination of […]


  TROUBLEfilms was delighted to take the Feminist Porn Release of the Year XBiz Award for their collaboration with Smash Pictures imprint Pink Velvet, “San Francisco Lesbians: SCISSR Sex App“. The trophy marked the queer studio’s first mainstream porn win, and producer Courtney Trouble was thrilled. “This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to […]

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Oh, Doctor!! Our temperatures just got hot, hot, hot!!  Bianca Stone is having some troubles, hysteria style, or so she says, and her doctor, Ned, just might have the cure! When fucking her with his hands and giant mechanical, mad scientist cock isn’t enough, a little role reversal has been said to help!! I think it’s safe to […]

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Not interested in my thoughts? OK, TLDR: Pre-Order Trans Lesbians and scroll for pretty pictures! Fans of my 2013 film Trans Grrrls have been patiently awaiting this follow up, which took over a year to shoot in three different cities across the US. At home in Oakland, TROUBLEfilms resident video grrrl Cocopop, along with myself and […]