the last leg of my saturn return had me dragging through my own life, grasping for any hints of what the future for myself and my work would be.

without invoking too much of a self-branding, aggrandizing attitude, i simply had to make a decision.

was i a business person?
was i an educator?
was i a performer?
was i a philosopher?


this is how i came to find myself, on the first day of 2015, looking at an art school, perched on a green tree-covered hill soaked in sunlight and scattered with young and old people carrying tackle boxes and furry backpacks,
and seeing

that by being an artist
i could be all of those things and more.



i am currently finishing my MFA candidacy at the California College of Arts, teaching, writing theory, and mentoring queer sex workers in their indie porn making efforts. i still work in adult, particularly performing, camming, managing several syndication outlets for my pornographic performances and productions, and running TROUBLEfilms with fellow performer/producer/artist/activists Chelsea Poe and April Flores.

I work in photography, installation, sculpture, film, sound, design, textiles, painting, and performance. My pieces are largely conceptual and have a foundation in community histories and critical thought. However, an undercurrent of personal politics and the ever-present body in my work persists.

I am interested in social justice, feminism, surrealism, image making, representational issues, trauma, queer history and theory.

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i rotate five pieces of original art for sale here: