I have quite the history in the adult industry. I’ve been a phone sex slut, a pornographer, a web cam girl (not sharing that link!), an advertising manager for the now-defunct On Our Back Magazine, a sex educator for Good Vibrations, a peepshow girl at the Lusty Lady… That’s where this little tale begins.

Some of my favorite shoes have been stripper heels passed down to me from strippers – either because they’re sick of the heels, or sick of the job. I got my first pair on tour with Nomy Lamm in 2000 from a stripper names Molly, who looked like Bettie Page. They were red vinyl slip on wedges, a little worn in and a little too small for my feet. Needless to say I wore them out even further, prancing around my house pretending to be an erotic dancer.

My second pair was a pair of red lace-up boots given to me by a gothic princess who had stalked the Lusty for ages. She had no intentions of leaving, but she got over her work shoes faster than her shifts could end. I wore them steadily through my shifts until the boot-holes wore out, and I too threw them in the free box.

My favorite pair of stripper shoes were found in the Lusty “graveyard” (old free box items, costumes and makeup left behind by former strippers) that were gold with a wooden heel and platform and covered in jewels. These heels, I wear almost every time I go out – even though my doctor has forbidden me from stilettos (Hence, my exit from the stripping scene and the 10 pairs of heels I left behind…) Long after the Lusty, these heels live on.

So, when I was asked to do some sex toy reviews for Domina Doll over at SexToy.Com, I was thrilled to find that they had a collection of stripper heels – including a pair I had coveted for a long time, the Money Heels!

Of course, I’m not a stripper any more and I have no room in my house for more heels I shouldn’t wear, but that didn’t stop me from wanting them all the more, at last!

The second they came in the mail I tore them out of their box, slipped them on, and slipped into a whole different body. The less war-torn, less cheeseburgered body of Royale, the sassiest peepshow girl in the room. My wife noticed the transformation and immediately requested a demonstration. She got a lapdance on par to the one I gave her the first night we fucked, and then off went the heels and the lights, and on came the strap-on and the pillow biting.

Per tradition, when a stripper is done with her heels, she never throws them away. They either go on her shelf for prosperity, or to another hustler in need. I decided to wrap up the heels and bring them into my work for the office “White Elephant” party over the holidays, and lo and behold… They are beloved by another ex-stripper from my work.

… and on and on the story of the traveling stripper heels will continue…