the justice for jane doe experiment

I am convinced that people don’t read anymore. It is either that people do not read anymore, or people do not care about children anymore. Which is it?

the justice for jane doe experiment is a real-life practise. i was online when Lisa Bloom, the lawyer representing a woman who was suing DT for raping her when she was 13, was hacked before coming forward with the survivor to bring truth to light. they were finally coming out in public against him and at the last minute, she backed out after death threats and the hacking of bloom’s server. I saved all the tweets because it felt like a postcard for our times. i was there when the last straw fell. nobody would ever elect a man to be the president who has child rape on his list of legal worries. but then, it never came out. the screenshots stayed in my Evidence folder (another thing i have which i wonder, is this for art is this for real?) . this all bring me to the question, who hacked lisa bloom? why has the television never brought this up? if it is all a hoax, wouldn’t it be a hoax worth mentioning like “pizzagate” or whatever the fuck?  so, maybe people don’t read. i’ve sent the tweets, the story, and this final document to about as may people as i can think of in media and press. it’s out there. it’s public news. is the experiement a matter of getting published? that’s not my goal. i think my goal is to start dialoug around who and what kind of news is worthy of mainstream coverage and how something like this could be ignored while in plain sight. right now the experiment has reached stalemate. i dont know where else to send the writing and so, i think my next step is to put it here and documentation of my work. i tried to get people interested in this but ultimately failed. Now, Cohen and AMI and inevitably DT will go down. The truth is coming out and I’m wondering now that people are flipping, will they finally bring to light the fact that people have accussed DT of child abuse. 

here’s the document for prosperity.