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Tucked behind the Queen of the Desert (aka Vagina Rock), in a sexy garage/recording studio situation, I stood next to my friends April Flores and Cinnamon Maxxine covered in home-made lube, red latex, and lime netting, a little bit stoned and more than a little confounded that I had somehow found myself on the set of a Peaches music video.♥ Read the rest

collaboration between courtney trouble x carlos batts x april flores x the need

an excerpt from my film nostalgia, released through good releasing in june 2009

“mona tinsley” courtesy of the need♥ Read the rest

Being nervous can be a good thing. I had many conversations about nerves this week while shooting in Toronto, leading up to Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards. Nervousness makes me speculate, dream, worry, giggle. I get shifty, restless, hyper, disoriented.♥ Read the rest

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Just a fun little poster to get you excited about Nostalgia.♥ Read the rest