RUB Music Video Performance

Tucked behind the Queen of the Desert (aka Vagina Rock), in a sexy garage/recording studio situation, I stood next to my friends April Flores and Cinnamon Maxxine covered in homemade lube, red latex, and lime netting, a little bit stoned and more than a little confounded that I had somehow found myself on the set of a Peaches music video.


Peaches requested me for this video, with a specific role in mind. I got to be a desert coven high priestess, taking Peaches in from the desert and reviving her by pulling a blue feather boa out of her pussy and throwing her to my witches. She warps through thier bodies and into a desert ritual orgy, where demon spirit Danni Daniels dances all over her, rubs her crotch on her face, and seduces her to join the orgy before taking off with the dyke who brought her to my party.

Spin, NME, Nylon, Pitchfork, Vice, Daily Dot, and Autostraddle all covered the video’s release on the launch day, while YouTube was still fighting with Peaches over whether she could have the uncensored version live on their site. She’s had to create a censored (pixelated, hilariously) version, as well as provide YouTube and Facebook with a specific censored image to use as the video’s icon.

The comments on YouTube vary in taste, but as of today the most popular/top comments were “fuck off,” “this isn’t minecraft,” “This is why Islam wants us dead,” and “The biggest plot twist when she started slapping her dick in her face…..never thought i’d say that on youtube.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.29.59 AM

Not only did I ever think I would see something like this on YouTube, I’m not sure I would have ever seen it period if it weren’t for Peaches, who has been exactly this way since I was introduced to her in New York 12 years ago performing with Nomy Lamm and Lesbians on Ecstasy. She’s an old school Gender Fucker who has fought for the visibility of sexuality and feminism in art/music/performance for over a decade. I did my first burlesque act to “Fuck the Pain Away.” In Portland, with cardboard cut-outs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.31.14 AM

I am totally in awe of her, but also after spending 3 days in the desert with her on this video set, I’ve got to say I’ve also never met somebody doing something so similar to my art and doing it on such a large scale.  We both are famous for bridging the gaps between feminist, pornography, and art. I applaud her for courageously putting all our queer, fat, trans, disabled, sexy bodies on a mainstream platform alongside Kim Gordon, Margaret Cho, and Feist. The crew for Rub was star-studded too – A.L. Steiner has made one of my favorite films Community Action Center, and Lex Vaughn (the dykey kidnapper) is the host of the Feminist Porn Awards, and in the band Lesbians on Ecstasy!

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On Dec. 18th, Dazed Magazine published a feature on Rub, titled  Why we need to stop talking shit about our vaginas that addresses the responses to the Rub video and it’s complicated reactions, or as they say: “On the back of Peaches’ new video, we explore the vagina’s complicated relationship with the art world.”

While most viewers find the explicit video salacious and hilarious, it’s a serious song from a serious album places Peaches at the forefront of a movement larger than #freethenipple. Our bodies, our trans/cis/intersex/genderqueer/fat/black/modified/disabled bodies, can and will be in the spotlight. If globalization exists and YouTube is a thing, our bodies will be there. I feel like the ritual midnight orgy with Danni Daniels and the lot of us writing in the sand represents our majestic histories in sexual storytelling. Our bodies will always be here, the witches, the serpents, the monsters, the queer babes. This isn’t a side road circus freak show on MTV, we are creatures that exist inside your desert dreams, but also in real life, on YouTube, in music videos, in real life.

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