Roulette Dirty South

Queer sex is as hard to define as it is to ignore, and in the style of Courtney Trouble’s award-winning debut Roulette, this film sets out to expose the diverity of desire through a collection of vignettes, paying careful attention to high chemistry, queer desire, and of course, incredible music by queer musicians including Yes Please, Flexions, Jenny Hoyston in California Lightening, and Tami Hart. Roulette is a game of chance, and like the game, this film is fun, flirtatious, and full of surprises. Starring real couples, gorgeous solo acts, and Trouble’s first documented female ejaculation (by guest videographers Carlos Batts and muse April Flores) – Roulette Dirty South carries on the traits of the original queer masterpeice.

Starring: Dylan Ryan, Trucker Cash, Trouble, Pepper Sox, and a cameo by April Flores + introducing many many hot Southern queers.

Soundtrack: Yes Please, Flexions, California Lightening


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