Roulette Dirty South, coming out of the womb

You have no idea how hard it is to get a porn DVD out into the world unless you’ve tried it. I have tried it 5 times. 

Jiz Lee says, it’s like giving birth, sometimes it comes out easy… and sometimes it tries to kill you on the way out. I’m willing to say that Roulette Dirty South tried to kill me on the way out of the womb and perhaps I should avoid making porn during Mercury Retrograde and Moon-Bombings in the future… Memo Recieved. Needless to say it *is* a brilliant film and I hope that it’s sucess matches it’s difficulty to create.

Maybe a painful birth is a symbol of a tough, fierce little child ready to kick some ass, and I think this movie could be it. She’s sweet, and an old-fashioned romantic… but she’s also got exquisite taste in music, fashion, and fetish, and she’s a little on the rough-and-tumble side. It’s only appropriate that her birth would match her brilliant personality. She left stretch marks, you can see them in the bags under my eyes, my aching back, and my cold, stiff, tired little fingers…I’ve been in labor for three weeks.

Instead of having babies, I have art babies. One or two a month actually, although I am probably fertile enough to have like, one million art babies a month. Is there any birth control for creativity?

I am now officially looking for an intern.



One thought on “Roulette Dirty South, coming out of the womb

  1. woman i wish that i could be your intern.
    if you ever decide to relocate to ashevegas or ship me out i’ll be your minion anytime.

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