Photo/Video Services

If you love my work and want me to shoot you like one of my queer porn stars, need a new headshot, or want to start a full-fledged production; I am now MFA-certified and open for business to take care of your creative photography needs.

I am uniquely qualified for boudoir, adult, and sex work media with over 15 years in the adult entertainment industry. I have also shot numerous weddings (ask for samples) and specialize in event-based photobooths and event coverage. As a model myself, I know the tricks and tips to looking good on film and am interested in taking on gigs that challenge our bodies, minds, and of course – heteronormative social norms!

Please contact me if you are interested in arranging a photoshoot or hiring me for event coverage.

Details of Service

This information is meant for the standard shoot idea. Prices for weddings and special events may differ depending on your needs and mine.

My local (Bay Area) rates are $150 an hour, plus you’ll cover a shared Lyft to and from your location. Optional flat fee of $75 for my assistant if you would like a more professional shoot; assistants help with lights and set while we discuss your look and poses.

I currently do not have my own professional studio space to host so you will still also need to host or find/rent a location. Sometimes my personal art room is available; sometimes it is not. I do know dungeons, hotels, and photography studios all over the country if you need help booking out your production day. I can help you book a local hotel or studio space if needed.

I provide *one* complimentary photoshoot to sex workers in need each month. If you would like to nominate someone for this photoshoot (local to bay area or in conjunction with one of my planned trips) please use my contact form and let me know who would benefit from a free (location provided) photo session. Yes, you can nominate yourself!

I do trade shoots with adult models who are interested in being on NoFauxxx.Com or QueerPorn.TV. Either “one shoot for me, one for you” trades or “one for all” trades can be arranged for stills. Cash equivalent labour or content take-aways offered for QueerPorn.TV performances. If this language does not confuse you then you may be perfect for this arrangement. Your take-aways come with the raw files, paperwork, and an edited copy of my version later if shared. Please use the contact form provided to inquire about trade shoots.

If you are looking for a paid gig please check out