Get Lost , Embark Gallery

Richard-Jonathan Nelson and Courtney Trouble, Embark Gallery 

I had an opportunity to show with  Richard-Jonathan Nelson at Embark Gallery in San Francisco, January 27-February 26, 2017 / This exhibition was juried by Avram Finkelstein.

Inspired by philosopher Herbert Marcuse’s notion of “the great refusal,” Embark’s latest exhibition Get Lost showcases contemporary takes on queer identity politics. By challenging the representational imagery that queer art is perhaps best known for, these artists present a new understanding of the self through displacement and absence, suggesting that queer activism in the digital age may take more nuanced forms of expression.

Artists: Simón Garcia-Miñaur (SFAI), Izidora Leber (SFAI), Richard-Jonathan Nelson (CCA), and Courtney Trouble (CCA).

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for this installation i exhibited some photos i’ve taken in three different places: iceland, rio, and olympia. each image has gone through a glitching and recovery process. first, lyrics are embedded into the digital file of the image, randomly shifting the parameters of the digital image. a second step is taken to print some of the code in a small zine, displayed in a small white pedestal. 

rio / there is a light that never goes out
zine page
Olympia/I Want a Dyke For President by Zoe Leonard
zine page

The Iceland photo was shown alongside a duplicate print of the glitched image that had then been sanded down to a fain grain powder, paired with black glitter stars.