tis a scratch.    ///////     fear of a female planet


blood magic ritual  female plane no blood let knife make mark on skin
Artists Statement:
On November 9th I embarked on a durational performance in my bedroom where i smoked 4 grams of indica and carved “FEM PLNT” on my thigh, underneath a tattoo of a high heel gun. The performance took 12 hours from set up to bed time, and included an incantation for the forces of Gaia, and a sacrifice of pain to ensure light in the darkness. Across three channels you can hear to music I am performing to, inspired by “Kool Thang” by Sonic Youth and “The Jump Off” by Lil Kim. Music is interjected through each channel at different volumes, and the channels are capable of being played simultaneously, to challenge the linear and masculine narrative of energetic release, ending in tears instead of semen.
I have often wrestled with the object of gun, both as a symbol of ultimate power, and a bringer of death. Having a gun tattoo of course brings a precarious weight to my body, I see the gun as a point of departure for resistance and protection. since the internalized gun violence and threat of callus and needless violence and death in the USA where i live has become so traumatic for women, people of color, and trans individuals, this part of my body brings me trauma and also has the ability to trigger others.  Also because I am trans, because I am fat, because I am queer, because I am white from a mixed family, because I owe my life to trans women and black men and witches who live in affect, from the pointless attacks on “ungrievable” bodies. My body is a site of constant conflict.
the high heel is another symbol of power and access, but also of restraint. guns can be used to stop people. heels prevent people from being able to escape.
I carved FEM PLNT (female planet, femme planet, fem plant, female plant) into my skin to invoke the female forces of the universe and call on them to restore balance to the planet.
no blood was broke, and as a survivor of teen and young adult self-harm, i can assure you that No Seas Were Harmed in the Making of This Art. 



channel one

channel two

channel three

Photographic Documentation

Screenshot 2016-11-10 00.34.19fem planet.Still004Screenshot 2016-11-09 18.27.03screenshot-2016-11-09-18-39-45fem planet.Still005Screenshot 2016-11-09 21.02.26

screenshot-2016-11-09-18-10-22Screenshot 2016-11-10 05.03.13fem planet.Still006fem-planet-still003