I go by DJ NSFW, Mx Trouble or mxtrouble on the flyers.

i’m not really about “a following” so i go by whatever name i feel like.

if it’s DJ NSFW you can bet I will be half naked or otherwise inappropriate.

I also DJ with Your Muther in the duo Desert Wives.

So far, my confirmed DJ dates for 2018 are:

PopTarts, 3/31, El Rio, 2-8pm
Queerly Beloved, June 24, 3-9pm
PopTarts, 9/29, El Rio, 2-8pm


I specialise in pop music and can make it work on virtually any dj setup, i’m a vigilante. i just like playing music for people. i’m really proud of my record collection but i’m also using digital tracks these days.

if you want to add to my record collection, there’s a lot of things on my wish list