This Mindbrowse. com “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths” (WIP) debate was broadcast at XBIZ 360 at The Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths” is an interactive panel discussion that brings prominent individuals working in the adult entertainment industry together to debate the nature of women’s’ changing roles and issues that currently confront the industry.♥ Read the rest

we will miss you.
we will miss you.

A really wonderful friend of mine is gone, and I don’t know how to process this without writing and sharing my love for Carlos and his family. His death has effected me deeply and the world will never be the same.♥ Read the rest

trans-grrrls-cover-front-web-210x300Trans Grrrls was made over the course of the last year and a half. It began as an idea in the back of my head when I got to shoot Hayley Fingersmith, Ari Crow, and Tobi Hill-Meyer all in the same month.♥ Read the rest

211100_179930742056314_47432_nThis week I was invited to screen the short film I made with Tina Horn and QueerPorn.TV, What Makes Us Queer, at the Michagan Womyn’s Music Festival happening this summer.

The organizers of the MWMF have steadily enacted or fought to enact Womyn-Born-Womyn (but since trans women Can and Are often “born womyn,” I will simply say that they have fought for an anti-trans policy) for the past 30 years, refusing trans women at the gate until just recently, where they are allowed to come, but not without a tremendous amount of pressure to leave.This year Lisa Vogel (Michfest founder and producer for the past 38 years) made it plain and simple in an open letter: MWMF is “WBW” only space and how dare we challenge that lived experience, that “sisterhood” – clearly stating that the “trans community” is not part of the “womon’s community.”

(If you are unfamiliar with the 24 year old struggle for trans women inclusion on the land, please read this essay by Emi Koyama or this article written in 2003 by Michelle Tea

The main organizers of the festival continue to make excuses and attempt to protect themselves from the blatant fact that trans women are women, and should be welcome in any women’s only space.♥ Read the rest

*This blog post is a BLOG JINX! entry, posted simutaneously with my good friend Jiz Lee on an identical subject. We have tackled this subject before, but thought we could use a re-visit as it’s close to election day. You can read Jiz Lee’s post on Measure B and Safer Sex here.♥ Read the rest

Woo! One of my favorite artists in theee whole wide world, Laurenn McCubbin, did an incredible painting of me! I recognize the outfit from my time spent on the Upper Floor at the formidable Kink Armory – I must have been looking good that night or something… hah!♥ Read the rest

A discussion-oriented sex-positive salon for folks of all sizes, Fat Sex is a safe space for fat people and our friends to talk about our bodies and desires – including topics like body positivity, self esteem politics, fetishization/ hyper-sexualization, erotica/performance, and tips, tricks, and techniques for having fat sex!♥ Read the rest

Featured photos reminiscent of Madonna’s epic nude hitchhiking photo taken with Dylan Ryan and trans performer Billy Castro; cover story written by Caitlin Donohue retells a queer adventure in Vegas for AEE and explores the difference between “lesbian” and “queer” pornography!

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Jiz Lee made this wonderful graphic. I like it. 🙂

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