Early Work

Olympia, Wa, 2001-2004 This gallery represents the first few years of No Fauxxx work and documenting the queer underground’s outward sexuality, as well as some snapshots from my own environment in Olympia and San Francisco. How I started taking erotic photography is kind of an old story that I’ve told a million times and I’m … Read more Early Work

Explicit Portraits (Adults Viewers Only)

my collection of explicit portraits of queer and trans individuals comes from over 15 years of sharing private and semi-public spaces with amazing people. because money, careers, and intentions were on hand i would hate to call this an “accurate representation of the queer community” but perhaps it offers up something a little more exciting. … Read more Explicit Portraits (Adults Viewers Only)

Site Specific

I can’t describe my relationship to travel without talking about sex work. I’ve always thought traveling was the coolest thing when I was a kid, I took my first solo plane trip when I was 9 years old to meet my grandmother on the other coast. It’s not cheap nor is it something you can … Read more Site Specific

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