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Oh I’m excited! I can’t wait to see which one of my photos they picked out…

Cutter Photozine Issue 2: Leaving a Mark

Opening Reception at SF Camerawork Gallery


Featuring works by
keith aguiar, lauren anderson ,rhiannon argo, erin ashford, bill basquin, karl beck, cole blevins, dianne brennan, scott aaron bulleit, norma cordova, cory cunningham, angela decenzo, ale formenti, charles gatewood, talia herman, ethan
indorf, lary jones, kate kaluzny, kean, forest kelley, erica kenia, ace lehner, amos mac, alexandra mandel, rick marr, jillian mayer, archie mckay, marilyn mcneal, zach nesmith, linda nguyen, alison o’connell, caroline paquita, jesse pollock, trevor powers, david pujol, jesse rose roberts, mateo roberts, nica ross, heather renee russ, andrew w schmidt, sara seinberg, darcy sharpe, elisa shea ,kerri sohn, rachel styer, courtney trouble, matthew van saunt, sophia wang, nick wortham, michael yurgeles & erik zo

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I have quite the history in the adult industry. I’ve been a phone sex slut, a pornographer, a web cam girl (not sharing that link!), an advertising manager for the now-defunct On Our Back Magazine, a sex educator for Good Vibrations, a peepshow girl at the Lusty Lady… That’s where this little tale begins.♥ Read the rest

She Does The City Feminist Porn Interview #1

She Does The City Feminist Porn Interview #1

Courtney Trouble is a tour de force-blogging, directing, web designing-she’s like a feminist porn renaissance woman. Creator of oldest running ‘queer’ porn site on the internet, she’s commited to it’s mix of alt, gay, lesbian, straight, kink and bbw genres.

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The totally fucking awesome Kim Kane, who brought her own utensils to my kitchen (photo by me).* View all images here.

On friday I got a couple of emails from Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble saying that their planned location for a porn shoot had fallen through at the last minute, and could they use my living room?

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