The Future Of Porn?

Sometime’s I am more focused on what’s going on with my art practice instead of what’s trending in the industry. After however many years I’ve learned to just go with what I’m inspired to do. I end up occasionally starting or setting trends instead of falling victim to following them. That being said I also … Read more The Future Of Porn?

Courtney Trouble Graduates!

Class of 2017  Masters of Fine Arts Studio Practise & PhotographySaturday May 13th, 2017.   Trouble was offered a significant merit-based scholarship to return to CCA for a second master’s degree and they completed a year before taking a break to attend to company business. Trouble’s fine art skills blossomed under mentorship across disciplines at … Read more Courtney Trouble Graduates!

Finding Gender Through Porn Performance

Originally printed in the debut issue of the academic journal Porn Studies, reprinted on Huffington Post.  Queer porn means different things to different people – but to me, it means porn that is out of the box, out of the closet, and shamelessly sex-positive. Queer porn’s endless combinations of genders and sexualities allow its performers … Read more Finding Gender Through Porn Performance

How Growing Up Riot Grrrl Informed my Art/Porn/Work/Whatever

I found riot grrrl the summer after a shitty freshman year at high school. I was really smart but none of my teachers took me seriously. All my friends were stoner dropouts on the corner and because they were my friends, and i was out as bisexual, and looked like a punk, i was treated … Read more How Growing Up Riot Grrrl Informed my Art/Porn/Work/Whatever

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