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finished works // studio one oakland

these works were spun on the pottery wheel using unconventional methods and tools.

project summary:
these three pieces were spun on a wheel in a community center beginning pottery class. all three were made by spinning out clay over the artist’s fist instead of the usual method.♥ Read the rest


Double Trouble
Hand blown glass, commercially available on a made to order basis by Fucking Sculptures
“Taking the dildo beyond mere function and into fantasy; a big, bold, and brazenly pleasurable double ended Fucking Sculpture brought to life by Courtney Trouble and Fucking Sculptures”

“Tremble before it… It can be hard to believe that this piece of art- made exclusively for fucking- was made by human hands… It deserves to be worshipped, not used.

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Check out the whole zine at the Queer Porn Film Festival website.
Courtney Page 1 Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.32.49 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.32.29 AMRead the rest

digital photography by courtney trouble // concept, costuming, and sculpture by drew deveaux


My body – and all trans bodies – are too often sites of violence. Violence perpetrated against us, yes. But also – as with the ubiquitous “man in the bathroom” red herring – our trans bodies are twisted into objects of imagined violence, into gender-bending weapons of mass destruction, by those cis people bent on barring us from achieving equality.

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collaboration between courtney trouble x carlos batts x april flores x the need

an excerpt from my film nostalgia, released through good releasing in june 2009

“mona tinsley” courtesy of the need♥ Read the rest

printmeWe’re throwing a reception for the opening of Courtney Trouble’s photo exhibit at The Seventh Heart. Stop by on Saturday August 8th between 3-6pm to see her work, mingle with friends and add another piece to your wardrobe.

Also, Friday Night (August 7th)!♥ Read the rest