Double Trouble

“Some orgasms are quick, small, and barely noticeable… And some orgasms involve the Double Trouble.” Kate Sloan, My Year With the Double Trouble SAN FRANCISCO—Courtney Trouble—a queer feminist porn star, photographer, and award-winning pornographer—has joined forces with Bay Area business Fucking Sculptures to create the Double Trouble Dildo. The founder of TROUBLEfilms said the piece … Read more Double Trouble

Early Work

Olympia, Wa, 2001-2004 This gallery represents the first few years of No Fauxxx work and documenting the queer underground’s outward sexuality, as well as some snapshots from my own environment in Olympia and San Francisco. How I started taking erotic photography is kind of an old story that I’ve told a million times and I’m … Read more Early Work

SOMArts Touch On Interview with Courtney Trouble

TOUCH ON ARTIST INTERVIEW: COURTNEY TROUBLE WHAT: Courtney Trouble makes photographs and mixed media art that addresses queer identity and non-binary gender. Courtney’s work will be displayed at the Touch On Exhibition at SOMArts. WHEN: Courtney Trouble’s work can be viewed as part of Touch On: Aesthetics in the Art, Politics and Ontology of Touch, on view … Read more SOMArts Touch On Interview with Courtney Trouble

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