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Courtney Trouble is available to travel for academic functions, queer dance parties, pride events, workshops, panels, film festivals, an a surprising array of other kinds of events.

To book Courtney Trouble for your next event, please e-mail directly: COURTNEY AT COURTNEYTROUBLE dot com.

If you are attempting to book Courtney Trouble for a porn performance or film work, please e-mail directly: COURTNEY AT COURTNEYTROUBLE dot com.

Below are a few of Courtney’s favorite types of events to host, perform, and participate at. Descriptions are merely examples, and individual events can be tailored to your specific needs.

 Feminist Porn Presentation And/Or Panel:
If I Had A Hammer: Feminist Porn as a Tool of Political Activism Against Oppression
Pornography can be powerful, but can it change the world? We want to talk about porn as a tool of feminist anti-oppression as it relates to the current feminist atmosphere, and our society at large — not just how it relates or differs from the dominant adult industry. How does porn reach or teach its audience, and how can we use it to promote awareness of the inequalities that we face? As feminist artists, how have we had to fight to see our work seen? As activists, how have we been able to bring our causes to the table through the medium of pornography? And specifically, how important is it that we are diverse in our creation of pornography, to promote the inclusion of all kinds of people in our work? Presentation is 30-60 minutes with or without video presentation, additional expert panel can be up to 60 minutes. Booking can cost 500-1000 plus travel and accommodations.

Public Porn Screenings with Director and Performer Q&A
This is, by far, Courtney’s most popular, and favorite, type of an event. The public screening will be tailor-made to your event or interests and can range from 30-90 minutes, followed by a Q&A with Courtney Trouble and any local or brought-in performers. Popular screening topics include a general feminist or queer porn collection, one of Courtney’s 15 full-length films, or a hand-picked curated collection of plus size, POC, trans, hetero, kink, or any other exciting topic you may be interested in talking about. These events are sexy, explicit, lively, informative, and fun. While not strictly academic-based, these events do well on campus, though after-parties at local queer dance clubs, bars, or late night locations are a popular addition to this event. Booking can cost 100-800 plus travel and accommodations.EMINIST PORN SHORTS 2015 – Curated Screening Event

TALK: Custom 30-60 Minute Presentation
Courtney Trouble is a prolific artist, writer, and activist who can speak on many topics relating to sex, porn, feminism, body politics, queer life, photography, censorship, and art. Booking can cost 500-1000 plus travel and accommodations, and can be tailored to your event’s themes and main topics.

TALK: Finding Gender Through Porn Performance
This interactive presentation and Q&A is perfect for academic environments, conferences, or special events. Watch clips and hear genderqueer film maker and performer Courtney Trouble’s inspiring, entertaining, and informative story of how they found themselves through queer porn. “Queer porn gave me words to explain the way I’ve felt my entire life by giving me opportunities to have experimental or explorative queer sex as an embodied, queerly gendered person. In other words, by being allowed to “be myself “- I found myself.” Presentation includes multiple clips of Courtney’s performances, short films, and cameos from some of queer porn’s favorites Jiz Lee, Papi Coxx, and James Darling. Booking can cost 500-1000 plus travel and accommodations.

Film Festivals: Panels, Juries, and Celebrity Guests
Courtney Trouble has proudly served on two international short film juries, and is available to serve on more depending on the location and nature of the event. Previous juries include the Copenhagen Queer Film Festival and the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Courtney Trouble is also available for attendance to film festivals as a film maker or porn star for panels on feminist porn, queer porn, erotica, women’s studies, sex education, film making, DIY and punk culture, and more! Previous panel appearances include the distinguished Cinekink 2013 Feminist Porn Panel (hosted by Tristan Taormino), the Feminist Porn Awards Public.Provocative.Porn panel, and multiple appearances at University of California Berkeley’s semi-annual FemSex academic panel. Booking can cost 100-800 plus travel and accommodations.

Photobooth, Queer Porn Take Over
Courtney Trouble has been hosting Queer Porn Take-Overs at queer dance nights around the country, after establishing party photo booth royalty as an award-nominated photographer for the legendary Hard French daytime soul party in San Francisco. A Queer Porn Take Over event is fun, rowdy, loud, and SEXY. Courtney Trouble (and any local queer porn performers, or other well-known queer performers) will host a photo booth with an upgraded, dedicated specially-designed photo booth space – where your party goers can come and get their photos professionally taken, with creative lighting and composition. Queer Porn Take Overs also include free DVD porn give-aways, either in the photo booth itself or from the normal hosts of the party. Booking can cost 200-800 plus travel and accommodations.

Explicit Workshop: Fisting, Begininning and Advanced
Courtney Trouble is offering an exclusive and intimate workshop designed to explain and explore the techniques, tips, and process of having sex with your entire hand, aka “fisting!” An actual demonstration of fisting will take place with a designated demonstration assistant, while the class discusses warm up, breathing, the application of lubricants, and other preparation tips, plus what to do once you’re there. Discussion about how to express your desire for fisting, how to move through the steps, and what you can do to enhance your fisting experiences. Participants are not invoved in the demonstration, but are invited to take thier knowledge home with them. This workshop is intended for safe spaces like private parties, sex toy boutiques, and other intimate and private spaces. Booking can cost 200-400 or percentage of the ticket price, plus pay for demonstration model, travel and accommodations.

Celebrity Guest DJ NSFW aka Courtney Trouble
Courtney Trouble is a seasoned party DJ, having hosted her own dance parties in and around San Francisco for over 12 years. DJ NSFW can bring the party to your town, be in a night club, play party, art opening, or any other cause for celebration. Music genres range from riot grrrl and post-punk, to all girl group soul classics, to heart-stopping club bangers, to pheromone-rising slow jams and dirty hip hop. Booking can cost 200-800 plus travel and accommodations.

Pix Plz Workshop: A DIY erotic photography workshop for photographers and models
Perfect for a one-off event or part of a conference, class series, or “Sex Week” style events, this workshop is a fun, flirty, and informative hands-on learning event that mixes technical skill, artistic composition, and pin up modeling into one confidence building, relationship strengthening  friend bonding, photo taking event! Participants are invited to bring their own cameras, and expect to spend time both behind AND in front of the camera. Courtney Trouble hosts this 60-90 minute event by exploring studio set ups and lighting techniques, as well as modeling tips like costume, posture, and expression. Booking can cost 200-400 or percentage of the ticket price, plus travel and accommodations.

Live Performance: Solo, Erotic, or Partnered Sex Shows; Burlesque; Performance Art
Courtney Trouble has a long history with erotic performance art, including an extensive burlesque tour, developing her own erotic vaudeville/burlesque show Les Royales Erotiques in Olympia WA, writing and performing music, working interactively with live dance, performance and video, and most recently her work with Cum & Glitter: a collectively run live sex event where Courtney has performed both a solo burlesque masturbation act as well as coupled sex scenes. Booking can cost 200-800 plus travel and accommodations.