Booking Information

Hello! This page covers all kinds of events and gigs you can book me for. I travel worldwide to provide unique experiences around art, sex, and academia and I’d be honored to add you to my schedule. 

For adult work, you can email me directly at

I have completed a Masters Degree in Studio Fine Arts and have academic strength in Visual Theory and Criticality. I am interested in adjunct, part-time, or other interesting teaching opportunities. If you are a professor who would like me to talk to your class, or a school interested in having me visit, please email me directly at

All gigs require that you provide transportation and lodging funds on top of my booking fee, thank you.

I do not do private meetings with fans, but I can do Skype counseling sessions or meet and greets for a fee. Please contact me directly at if you’re looking for a one-on-one session.



$100/hour video chat, $200 in person.
Suggested topics: creative development, health and wellness for artists and sex workers, sex and relationships, adult business, MFA-level dialogue around art & academia, consent and sexual ethics, social media, web design, filmmaking.




Solo Model, $250 for the first hour, $100/hour additional.
Two Models,  $350 for the first hour, $100 an hour additional.
75 high res edited and all RAW photos delivered within 24 hours.
Touch ups and edit requests offered for $20/hour.
Notes: I can provide free studio space in East Bay area. You provide transportation outside of the East Bay, and studio/space rental. I can help with makeup application and styling, otherwise, you provide stylist professionals and all other assistance.

Please contact to inquire about Event Photography.
PARTY PHOTOBOOTH: starting at $300
PAPPARAZZI/Red Carpet: $100/hour


I work with the amazing Rae Threat on queer weddings, starting at $1000.
Please contact me directly at to inquire. Full Coverage video and photography packages are available. 


XXX Video Work, Porn Making
$500 for 2 hours, all raw footage delivered on set.
Bring at least 16GB of storage with you via thumb drive/hard drive/computer
No editing, post production, exports, uploads,
or digital delivery included or offered due to time constraints.



This is, by far, Courtney’s most popular, and favorite, type of an event. The public screening will be tailor-made to your event or interests and can range from 30-90 minutes, followed by a Q&A with Courtney Trouble and any local or brought-in performers. Popular screening topics include a general feminist or queer porn collection, one of Courtney’s 15 full-length films, or a hand-picked curated collection of plus size, POC, trans, hetero, kink, or any other exciting topic you may be interested in talking about. These events are sexy, explicit, lively, informative, and fun. While not strictly academic-based, these events do well on campus, though after-parties at local queer dance clubs, bars, or late night locations are a popular addition to this event. Booking is totally negotiable and tailored/scaled towards the size of your event, who it benefits, and funding availability. All travel and accommodations must be comped.

QUEER PORN SHORTS 2018 2019- Curated Screening Event
#thoughtful #educational #political

The Feminist Porn Shorts 2015 run includes Courtney’s Short films Going Here, Valentine, Dyke March, and We Cum In Peace. Short films are explicit but serve double as explicit pornography and feminist commentary. This is not a light-hearted, sex-positive, branded “Feminist Porn” event, but a collection of Courtney’s works with strong political value and showcase various feminist considerations of the adult industry, particularly trans and non-binary representation, the censorship of queer pleasure, and the importance of pornographic critique. Perfect for schools and feminist film events. $500 for full package, includes a custom video intro by Courtney Trouble. Having Courtney in person for the event will also include travel and accommodations, the potential for connected events, and also includes a Q&A.



New Uses of The Erotic
90 minute presentation, please make your event 2 hours if you want a Q&A.

This presentation includes about 40 minutes of explicit porn interspersed between feminist theory and critique and is perfect for academic settings, having been premiered at Stanford Sex Week in 2015.

In a lot of ways, feminist porn IS an oxymoron. but not in the way that feminism and pornography will never be able to co-exist. It’s an oxymoron because most public porn is commercial, or assumed to be commercial, and made by capitalists, and of course capitalists are heavily influenced and rewarded by misogyny wether we like it or not. What critiques of porn should we have, and what myths need to be shattered? New Uses of the Erotic explores the feminine connection to erotic art and expression and why harnessing those energies in public and private ways is essential to a strong feminist movement.

Custom 30-60 Minute Presentation
Courtney Trouble is a prolific artist, writer, and activist who can speak on many topics relating to sex, porn, feminism, body politics, queer life, photography, censorship, and art. Booking can cost 500-1000 plus travel and accommodations, and can be tailored to your event’s themes and main topics.

Finding Gender Through Queer Porn Performance
This interactive presentation and Q&A is perfect for academic environments, conferences, or special events. Watch clips and hear genderqueer film maker and performer Courtney Trouble’s inspiring, entertaining, and informative story of how they found themselves through queer porn. “Queer porn gave me words to explain the way I’ve felt my entire life by giving me opportunities to have experimental or explorative queer sex as an embodied, queerly gendered person. In other words, by being allowed to “be myself “- I found myself.” Presentation includes multiple clips of Courtney’s performances, short films, and cameos from some of queer porn’s favorites Jiz Lee, Papi Coxx, and James Darling. Booking can cost 1000 plus travel and accommodations.



Brand New! 
Last Night a Zine Saved My Life
This workshop can be tailored to ANY AGE GROUP, and is good in school settings, libraries, galleries, youth groups, conferences, etc. Personal and enlightening, this class will take a look at a few of the zines that changed my life, a few zines I made while my life was drastically changing, and then, we will get to the fun project of making zines – either in groups, as one large group, or as individuals. Depending on the location and theme of the workshop (coming out, self esteem, music and fandom, recovery, art and photography, poetry and prose, and many many more) some material-gathering may be needed on your end as the host of the event. (glue, scissors or exacto knives, paper, magazines for collage, etc etc). Booking is fully negotiable based on location, age range, group affiliations, and funding availability.

Pix Plz! The Casual & Complicated Art of Seductive Photography!
Perfect for a one-off event or part of a conference, class series, or “Sex Week” style events, this workshop is a fun, flirty, and informative hands-on learning event that mixes technical skill, artistic composition, and pin up modeling into one confidence building, relationship strengthening  friend bonding, photo taking event! Participants are invited to bring their own cameras, and expect to spend time both behind AND in front of the camera. Courtney Trouble hosts this 60-90 minute event by exploring studio set ups and lighting techniques, as well as modeling tips like costume, posture, and expression. Booking can cost 500-900 and/or percentage of the ticket price, plus travel and accommodations. Some material gathering (lights, props, linens, fun costumes, etc etc etc) may be needed on your end.

XXX Explicit Workshop: Fisting XXX
Courtney Trouble is offering an exclusive and intimate workshop designed to explain and explore the techniques, tips, and process of having sex with your entire hand, aka “fisting!” An actual demonstration of fisting will take place with a designated demonstration assistant, while the class discusses warm up, breathing, the application of lubricants, and other preparation tips, plus what to do once you’re there. Discussion about how to express your desire for fisting, how to move through the steps, and what you can do to enhance your fisting experiences. Participants are not invoved in the demonstration, but are invited to take thier knowledge home with them. This workshop is intended for safe spaces like private parties, sex toy boutiques, and other intimate and private spaces. Booking is negotiable or percentage of the ticket price, plus pay for demonstration model, travel and accommodations.




Film Festivals: Panels, Juries, and Celebrity Guests
Courtney Trouble has proudly served on two international short film juries, and is available to serve on more depending on the location and nature of the event. Previous juries include the Copenhagen Queer Film Festival and the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Courtney Trouble is also available for attendance to film festivals as a film maker or porn star for panels on feminist porn, queer porn, erotica, women’s studies, sex education, film making, DIY and punk culture, and more! Previous panel appearances include the distinguished Cinekink 2013 Feminist Porn Panel (hosted by Tristan Taormino), the Feminist Porn Awards Public.Provocative.Porn panel, and multiple appearances at University of California Berkeley’s semi-annual FemSex academic panel. Booking can cost 100-800 plus travel and accommodations.

Yes, I DJ.
Courtney Trouble is a seasoned and mostly-retired party DJ, having hosted their own dance parties in SF, Oakland, LA, Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, Olympia, and sunny Winnipeg. Night clubs are not ideal because I’m not a huge fan of being in a room with more than 500 drunk people – think more like play parties, stripper nights, and art openings. ~~OR~~ a night at the bar listening to my celebrated record collection. Music genres range from riot grrrl and post-punk, to all girl group soul classics, to heart-stopping club bangers, to pharamone-rising slow jams and dirty hip hop. Booking is $200/hour plus travel and accommodations.

Live Performance: Solo, Erotic, or Partnered Sex Shows; Burlesque; Performance Art
Courtney Trouble has a long history with erotic performance art, including an extensive burlesque tour, developing her own erotic vaudeville/burlesque show Les Royales Erotiques in Olympia WA, writing and performing music, working interactively with live dance, performance and video, and most recently her work with Cum & Glitter: a collectively run live sex event where Courtney has performed both a solo burlesque masturbation act as well as coupled sex scenes. Booking can cost 200-800 plus travel and accommodations.