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Courtney Trouble with the artist-designed blown glass fucking sculpture, the Double Trouble

For as long as I’ve known, I have armed myself with cameras to aggressively confront society with bold, shameless, and beautiful documents of the existence of queer bodies and the importance of queer sex.

I’ve removed myself from the labels that no longer define me. I am only calling myself an artist. The context of my art is sexual, political, feminist, direct, dirty, problematic, confrontational, intellectual, and pornographic.”

Courtney’s range is prolific to say the least, having double-fisted multiple careers in pornography, performance, fine art photography, web design and engineering, event direction, festival planning, social justice activism, writing, sex education, music writing/recording/performance, editing, DJing, commercial film-making, music video creation, journalism, public speaking, feminist studies, and underground art movements.

Courtney is the founder of TROUBLEfilms, IndiePornRevolution.Com, and QueerPorn.TV, as well of the director of over 25 full-length films, including 12 full length DVDs released through Courtney’s production company TROUBLEfilms. For current releases, please see TROUBLEfilms.Com


Queer Porn Films and Scene Production

“Queer Porn Icon” Courtney Trouble has been producing, directing, and performing in porn since 2002, and is responsible for coining the term “Queer Porn” as a genre in the industry. Nominated for over two dozen AVN and X Biz Awards, and winner of 5 Feminist Porn Awards, Courtney Trouble’s work in porn is unique, creative, cerebral, and reminiscent of both the golden era of erotic cinema and the riot grrrl movement.

Some of Trouble’s films set to explore the diversity of desire, such as genre-busting , award-winning series’ Fuckstyles, Roulette, and Seven Minutes In Heaven. Other titles, like Lesbian Curves or Trans Grrrls, explore and expand current industry trends from Courtney’s unique artistic point of view. Other films explore personal stories and cerebral concepts like Fucking Mystic, San Francisco Lesbians, Courtney Trouble Fan Club, Nostaliga, and Speakeasy.

Courtney has successfully mixed a lo-fi, low-brow “do-it-yourself” indie-art aesthetic with an accessible, understandable, yet evolved porn formula that the average porn consumer (whoever that is!) as well as the subversive/political/inquisitive crowd can enjoy.

“I work largely with queer, lesbian, gay, bi, pansexual, fluid folks who may be cis, trans, or genderqueer. I have an incredible following within the queer community, who happily buy porn that fits their aesthetics, but have a increasingly straight-laced fan base building around these new ideas, creating change one customer at a time!”

Having performed the closing keynote speech at the 2014 Feminist Porn Conference, as well as appearing as a celebrated guest on women in porn panels and successful adult business planning at the industry’s largest event, the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Convention, Trouble’s work and ideas fit into many molds of what porn should look like and how it should be made. With over 12 years in the business, her dedication to sex worker advocacy, queer rights, representation politics, and social justice critique make her stand out as a leader of a new movement for progressive porn industry evolution and reform almost as much as her powerfully erotic aesthetics and film-making prowess.

Courtney Trouble is a fearless, feisty, and lust-worthy hardcore porn star. She’s fucked on film or frame for Evil Angel, Aiden Starr, God’s Girls, April Flores’ Productions, Shine Louise Houston, Dave Naz, AndreShaktiXXX.Com, heartless productions, Michelle Austin, Carlos Batts, Madison Young, Kelly Shibari’s PaddedKink, Kink.Com’s The Upper Floor, Crash Pad Series, QueerPorn.TV, Cocksexual, Good Dyke Porn, Indie Porn Revolution, Porn For Everyone!, Queer Porn Tube, Bike Smut, and much much more. See a list with links here on this site.

“Being on both ends of the camera is important to me. Having sex on film is an extremely intimate act, and it’s something that I take seriously. I find it insanely arousing fucking friends and sometimes strangers on film, it’s a high I can’t find anywhere else. Also, It’s a political act for me – my body deserves to be seen and publicly acknowledged as sexy – and the way I fuck is enlightening and inspirational to people of all sexualities. And, logistically, it tremendously helps me direct. I think knowing what it’s like in front of the lights and the crew makes me a better director, I’m more prepared for the emotional, technical, and social aspects of shooting a hardcore scene.”

The Beginning
In 2002, Courtney started NoFauxxx.Com as a 19 year old photographer, phone sex operator, and internet nerd with the intent of creating an alt porn members site that challenged stereotypes in the adult industry, and act as a tool for ladies, queers, and artists, to explore the erotic and sexual side of creative expression. She soon found herself as one of the founders of the queer porn movement, setting the stage and laying down the law for all that was to come. Courtney has since launched over a dozen porn websites that expand on the ideas of No Fauxxx, including QueerPorn.TV, IndiePornRevolution.com, CourtneyTrouble.Com/FanClub, QueerPornTube.Com, FTMFucker.Com (with director James Darling,) DoingItOnline.Com (with director Tobi Hill-Meyer), and TransGrrrls.Com.

No Fauxxx / Indie Porn Revolution
NoFauxxx.Com changed it’s name in 2012 to IndiePornRevolution.Com, and subsequently has received an AVN nomination for Best Alternative Website. The site was created in 2002 as a space to explore sex beyond straight, gay, lesbian, and gender binaries. This site led to the creation of the “Queer Porn” genre, with it’s  all-inclusive casting and production standards. By all means an obscure, self-funded under-dog, Indie Porn Revolution remains the longest-running porn site of it’s kind. IPR’s genre and gender -less navigation structure encourages the audience to think outside their own boxes and find something new and exciting to get off to. It’s also a fun place to find your favorite porn stars (like Kimberly Kane, Lorelei Lee, Arabelle Raphael, Nikki Hearts, Jiz Lee, Daisy Ducati, April Flores, and Sinn Sage) doing things you can’t find anywhere else in their catalogs.

Trans Porn
Courtney Trouble is a major players in the building and expansion of the FTM (female-to-male) porn niche from 2002 forward, introducing many new FTM models and performers to the industry and hosting the first-ever trans male porn web-content membership site directed and owned by a trans man, James Darling’s FTMFucker.Com.

“I wanted to do things that the mainstream adult industry wouldn’t do, and one of those things was working with trans men and expanding the near-non-existent genre. In a way, we have collaboratively been able to create a niche of pornography that is far, far less stereotyping or generalizing by building it from nearly nothing, and inviting trans men to come into the niche and define it themselves. My main attraction to this genre was my own masculinity and gender queer identity, as well as the sheer lack of content out there that showed people like myself and my sex partners and community members. ”

Courtney’s films Speakeasy and Billy Castro Does the Mission have both won the Feminist Porn Awards for best Trans Film for their depictions of trans male sexuality.

Furthermore, IndiePornRevolution.Com was the first long-running alt porn site to accept trans women (and all genders) as models, and without separating them into a niche or fetish portion of the site. In 2011, Trouble started production on what was to become TROUBLEfilm’s record-breaking best seller film Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now! which stars trans women in empowered queer and straight couplings, inspired by the basic politics behind the riot grrrls movement being queered by the notion of trans inclusion in feminist spaces. Trans Grrrls also took home the Best Trans Film trophy at the FPAs, and received a nomination for Best DVD at the 2013 Transgender Erotica Awards and Best Trans Release at the coveted XBiz Awards.

Queer Porn TV
Launched in November 2010 with co-creator Tina Horn, Courtney Trouble’s second porn site QueerPorn.TV features exclusive hard core content available for direct download, VOD, or from within the VIP Lounge (member’s area.) Stars on the site include Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, Dylan Ryan, Billy Castro, James Darling, Sinn Sage, Sophia St. James, and many more.

The site is now run exclusively by Courtney Trouble, with considerable creative input (including the sub-chapter QPTV NYC scenes directed on the east coast) from Tina Horn before she moved on to pursue her masters degree and writing career.

There is an incredible amount of free content on QueerPorn.TV – including in-depth video interviews with Queer Porn Stars already adored by QueerPorn.TV’s early fans. These intimate interviews delve into topics ranging from performing in porn, exhibitionism, kink, gender fluidity, and sexual appetite, allowing the user to access the stars of their favorite porn in a whole new way.

“The freedom with which our stars express their own sexuality and appetites on QueerPorn.TV has resulted in content that can only be called genre defining. We ARE queer porn”

QueerPornTV teamed up with woman-owned, woman-run sex toy boutique Smitten Kitten to produce sex educational videos on topics such as strap on sex, dildos, rope bondage, rough sex, female ejaculation, watching porn as a couple, and sex with vibrators, and Babeland currently serves as TROUBLEfilm’s safer sex sponsor.

Lesbian Curves
Courtney Trouble’s 14th full length film, Lesbian Curves, was the beginning of a DVD series and adjacent internet project that sets to prove that when real queer people produce. direct, and market their own porn – a truly unique story emerges. Lesbian Curves celebrates curvaceous or plus size performers having lustful, passionate lesbian sex. Sultry body worship, sensuous kissing, playful taunting, sex toys, chemistry, and hard core lesbian fucking are what make Lesbian Curves the genre-busting adult film that is is. This full length feature is full of luscious skin, bodacious bodies and intense orgasms, brought to you by the fiercest femmes in porn, soaking wet and thirsty for passionate, curvaceous, gritty, real lesbian sex. The series has consecutively won the Best Dyke Film Feminist Porn Awards trophies.

Fisting Day
Courtney Trouble collaborates with genderqueer porn star and sex-positive role model Jiz Lee on an annual multimedia worldwide day of awareness, education, and appreciation for the sexual act of fisting (when one’s hand enters one hole in it’s entirety). This day, October 21st, features promotions from fist-positive porn companies, a network of bloggers and artists contributing to a web feed of information, art, personal stories, and more. Visit fistingday.com to check it out.

Live Sex Show
Courtney Trouble’s 12th film, entitled Live Sex Show, was shot in front of a live audience of 200 people at 2010’s San Francisco’s Masturbate-a-Thon. Starring Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee in an educational yet filthy finger-fucking scene, April Flores and the Matador in a dramatically-lit, cock-slurping, pussy-pounding love story, and Courtney herself in a climactic surprise 5-on-1 porn-star-on-director gang bang! This film marks her very first independent release under her new company TROUBLEfilms, which will umbrella all of her films, video projects, and porn web sites. Live Sex Show was filmed with major help from Carol Queen and Robert from the Center for Sex and Culture, and partially benefited the Center financially through DVD sales and screenings. Live Sex Show was nominated for an AVN Award in 2012 for Best Web Premiere.

The recipient of a Polaroid instant camera at age 8, Courtney Trouble’s life has been dedicated to photography. Trouble spent high school and college in a dark room, and began to shoot intimate, erotic portraits of her friends and lovers at 18 years old. Courtney’s tell-tale style is known as bright, high saturation, bold, and confrontational compositions, and has been published everywhere from On Our Backs to Bend Over magazine. Courtney’s photographs are currently on display at the Berlin Gay Museum, and the first Courtney Trouble coffee table book is being designed and released in 2015.

QueerPornTube.Com is the very first user-generated, amateur and professional adult Tube Site catered directly towards the queer and sex-positive community, and of course their friends, lovers, and fans. This project was born from a desire to create a truly accessibly porn community, something entirely free so that adults of all class categories could participate in the queer porn movement. The clips on the site are uploaded by amateurs as well as indie porn companies, and comments, community building, and embedding videos is welcome. QueerPornTube is a free, universal porn site created by the community. This site is anti-piracy and does not allow the uploading of copyrighted videos.

Film Shorts, Music Videos
Courtney Trouble most recently directed Chapter One of Michelle Tea’s “Valencia: The Movie/s,” a film that consists of 21 director’s unique takes on each chapter of the legendary queer memoir. Her chapter, the introduction to the film, features a real fisting scene and boasts a soundtrack of Bikini Kill!

Courtney has also directed music videos for pop star Jenna Riot, Micahtron, Dubais, and French Quarter.

Reel Queer Productions
Courtney Trouble has directed and edited 11 films for Reel Queer Productions, a video house she helped build with Good Releasing that documents authentic, edgy, queer sex and culture with relevant, intelligent films inclusive of the many sexualities that identify as queer. Amoung these titles are 4 plot-based hardcore films and the award-winning Roulette and Seven Minute In Heaven series. These films are available for sale and streaming VOD around the world, most notable from Courtney Trouble herself at her website CourtneyTrouble.Com.