2010 : My Year in Fast Forward

Everyone watches porn in fast-forward. This year, I made it in fast-forward. In fact, my entire life was in fast-forward. Don’t know how best to explain it than to do a Year In Review.   So, let’s get to it. Let’s play catch-up.

Exactly One Year Ago,  I spent New Years Eve talking about the future with Jiz Lee and Morty Diamond, and we all had something in common. we each wanted to branch out and treat our audiences to something special. we did. Jiz Lee became a boundary-breaking, indie-to-mainstream crossover genderqueer porn star, Morty Diamond started a book. and I… well, that’s what this post is about.

AVN Awards, 2010, Most Outrageous Red Carpet Antics!

january 2010: i released my film bordello, a storyline flick that was shot last-minute by one of my artistic sexual heros, eon mckai. april flores and billy castro blew my mind in the opening scene (link to full scene, at NoFauxxx.Com), and to this day, i wish all of my work days were like the two i spent on that set. i also attended the AVN Awards (My films No Fauxxx Roulette and Speakeasy were both nominated) with Jiz Lee (nominated for Best New Web Star) and Dylan Ryan (also nominated), where we solidified the Queer Porn Mafia and subsequently, won quite a funny award: Most Outrageous Red Carpet Moment. I also got my photo taken for Last Night’s Party (man was Bronques oh-so-crushworthy!) And as a personal aside, at the end of the month, my partner and I broke up after 2.5 years, and the sexual, sensual, emotional, and intellectual journey I was meant to go on commenced.

february: my film Billy Castro Does the Mission was released, featuring one of my muses Billy Castro in four groundbreaking scenes between him, an FTM, three femmes and a genderqueer. i tried to recover from my break-up, and may or may not have had a threesome with two queer porn stars after a nefarious dance party. i also shot Seven Minutes In Heaven 3: Fuck Yeah that month, and made out with Jiz Lee in a jerk booth at the Lusty Lady on Valentine’s Day! I still haven’t taken my jacket to dry cleaning… i also took myself on a life-altering solo trip to honolulu (link to flickr photoset!), where i learned than being single never means being alone when a nationally-noticed tsunami warning made me go over my cell phone minutes by a landslide.

march: released Seven Minutes In Heaven 3: Fuck Yeah, marking the end of a year-long streak of releasing a film at least once a month. i also performed in my first threesome sex scene – which you might never see due to it’s heavy nature – a full-on rape scene.

me and dylan ryan

april: attended the feminist porn awards in toronto and won Best Trans Film for my 2009 release Speakeasy!!! while there, i shot Roulette Toronto and performed with Judy Minx, one of my favorite people on earth. i got to be the stone-femme top i’ve always wanted to be in a porn scene, and i honestly think it might be my best performance to date… (link to flickr photoset of my entire time in canada!) that month i also shot a scene with Scout, who I met on set for Roulette Toronto and earned mutual crushes. the scene ended up on QueerPorn.Tv… but more on that later!

may: oh my god, i live alone and i love it! started taking photos at hard french – a monthly tradition to mark the summer in hot dates and a ton of photo-editing work. shot red jackhammer and chastity boner in my no fauxxx headquarters main office, that’s never happened before! also posed with Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan in a shoot for Karma Pervs (my first time in latex!)  One of the shots ended up in Bend Over Magazine, my first magazine cover. also performed with one of my best friends, April Flores, along with Kelly Shibari (producer of Padded Kink) in a threesome that’s set to be released in Carlos Batts’ ARTCORE (click on the link to see the trailer)! my radio and text interview for the rumpus come out… things really start to take off from here…

me and jiz lee for paddedkink.com

june: my porn scene with Jiz Lee is released at Padded Kink, a site I am obsessed with (because it’s like Kink.Com except the producers hire, and prefer, chubby performers and embrace queer sexuality in a low-key, totally marketable way), and production for a new porn site to accompany No Fauxxx start to give birth with QueerPorn.TV starting with a late-night video shoot with Mickey Mod and Drew Deveaux… i also perform with Maxine Holloway for the first time in a scene for her short film The Outlaw, and get published on the cover of the San Francisco Guardian for The “Queers We Adore” feature. threw a huge Pride Sunday Party, the second annual Queerly Beloved and end up in a kiddy pool full of glitter!  …in other news, my little sister moved in with me in june… and she’s now my domestic soulmate.

me and jolene parton, good dyke porn

july: my sets go up on cocksexual, a new site dedicated to strap-on sex. i also attend the live-streaming Kink.Com Upper Floor party for Madison Young’s Thin Line Between Art & Sex and end up getting my ass majorly kicked (loved it, btw) by Jack Hammer (a BDSM porn star I’m sure you’ll notice soon!) and being the focus on a Fucking-Machine Foursome with Jiz Lee, Billy Castro, and my from-then-on porn love-of-my-life Maxine Holloway. in more personal news, i went to my dad’s three-day-long hippie wedding in the woods, got to walk him down the isle, and totally predicted that his bride was about two weeks pregnant.

august: i fall in love with my boyfriend and stop writing things in my calendar with such detail-oriented candor. he wraps me up in summer love, puppy love, real love – whatever song you want to call it. i spend my days either having the best sex i’ve ever had with him, or, editing QueerPorn.TV porn scenes with my new busniess partner, Tina Horn.

my ass, jiz lee, and papi coxxx for queerporn.tv

october: i end up on an extended tour of the world! first, i attend the Berlin Porn Film Festival and treat the audiences to not one, but four, director-in-attendance, sold out screenings of Roulette Berlin, Roulette Dirty South, Seven Minutes In Heaven 3: Fuck Yeah, and a Filmmaker In Focus event where I got to screen three scenes of my choosing (you wanna know? It was Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee, me and Judy Minx from Roulette Toronto, and the first 15 minutes of my film Bordello. I also got to be a judge on the three-person panel (with European “Women’s Porn” expert Anna Span!) for the short film competition, where I voted for Travis Matthew‘s “I Want Your Love” even though it didn’t take the final win). i also made a milestone by performing with a 3-month pregnant Madison Young – and although I was basically a stunt-cock (god i love being a stone top femme in porn), i got off so hard with her riding me!

me, photo taken by maxwell lander

november: in toronto, i screen Scout and Lascivia’s amazing amateur, switchy, queer porn scene for a Feminist Porn Awards benefit. I also end up in the hands of Aslan Leather owner Carrie Gray for an exclusive scene for QueerPorn.TV, to be released in early 2011. I bottomed out like crazy and squirted all over the place, something i hadn’t yet been able to showcase in porn performances… and now i just can’t quit. also, the most important thing that happened in november? I launched not only QueerPorn.TV, a new queer porn site where you can buy individual scenes as well as subscribe to a monthly membership – but I also launched my new favorite thing, QueerPornTube.Com – a completely-free tube site (like X-Tube, kinda, except queer) that immediately takes off, thanks to my faithful twitter pals.

december: deeply in love, i wrap up the year in reflection and solid conviction, and some lovely rewards. i’ve been nominated for an AVN Award for Best Pro-Am Release for the first Seven Minutes In Heaven. that’s like being my next door neighbor and getting nominated for an oscar. The issue of Bend Over Magazine with my photo of Dylan Ryan comes out. I get put on Velvetpark’s Top 25 Most Influencial Queer Women of 2010. my dad’s wife is pregnant with identical twin girls. the first 3 months of 2011 are booked solid with travel and parties. in a week i’ll be sucking April Flores’ toes for Coop, walking down the AVN Awards Red Carpet with my friends Mickey Mod, Tina Horn, and Shine Louise Houston.